Senior Software Architect

Company Name:
De Novo Software, Inc.
We are seeking a motivated, creative thinker, to work as a Senior Software Architect. The successful applicant will have responsibilities in planning and architecting new features, and supervising developers.
Job Description
Software Development in Embarcadero Delphi and Microsoft .NET
Defining Software requirements in conjunction with end users, internal staff and other stakeholders
Designing software architecture using UML modeling tools to develop State, Sequence and Class Diagrams of software architecture
Investigate and solve simple/complex issues found in the application by using Design Patterns and Object Oriented design and analysis
Perform Static Analysis on existing code to identify potential problems
Refactor existing software algorithms to take advantage of modern chip capabilities such as SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions) techniques, CPU cache reuse and multi-threaded techniques
Refactor existing architecture to support moving data processing to parallel processing on multi-core video cards using OpenCL.
Integrate existing Subversion Version Control System, Gemini Issue Tracking System and Distributed Testing Infrastructure to automate the Software Development Lifecycle
Designing software test plans
Managing software developers in implementing architecture designs
Mentoring software developers and explaining De Novo Software coding practices
Ensuring code adheres to Software Development Lifecycle policies
Investigating new code technologies and evaluating which are appropriate for inclusion in company products
Designing and maintaining tools essential for Software Development Life Cycle
All development is done in Delphi, an object oriented Pascal similar to C++
Permanent position only
Required Experience
The position requires Bachelors in computer science or related field and 8 years experience in Delphi & scientific programming, or related, or equivalent. Any other suitable combination of education, training, and experience substantially equivalent to job requirements is acceptable.
Resume in Word or PDF format to

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