National Bank Examiner (Field Examiner), NB-0570-VI

As a National Bank Examiner (Field Examiner), you will: Serve as examiner-in-charge of complex community banks and serve as head of significant functional areas in large banks, midsize banks and large, complex community banks. Assist in the ongoing supervision of major departments and provide subject matter expertise for targeted areas. Plan, coordinate, and monitor bank supervisory activities. Assess risk, develop supervisory strategies, determine the scope of supervisory activities, manage teams of assisting personnel, prepare reports of activities, and develop responses to address risks. Prepare communications to foster positive change within the bank and maintain effective communications within the OCC. Provide assignments and training in an equitable manner, taking into account the needs of the OCC and career development goals of individuals. You must meet the following requirements within 60 calendar days after the closing date of this announcement:You must have one year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the NB-V band level. Examples of specialized experience for this position include: Auditing or examining financial institution activities to identify areas of risk and provide advice to management on risk mitigation.OR Providing advisory or consulting services on bank supervisory activities to assess risks and adequacy of bank policies and procedures. AND Selective factor: You must also possess a National Bank Examiner (NBE) commission reflecting that you are authorized to sign Reports of Examinations (ROEs) for national banks AND federal savings associations.
  • Department: 0570 Financial Institution Examining
  • Salary Range: $93,696 to $174,105 per year

Don't Be Fooled

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